Buttercream Flower Series Part 2 – Sunflowers

Part 2 – Sunflowers 

The next episode in our Buttercream Flower Series, shows you how to make bright and beautiful sunflower decor for your cupcakes. 

You will need:

  • Leaf nozzles 
  • 2mm circle nozzle
  • Yellow, green and brown buttercream (thick enough to hold its shape)
  • Piping bags
  • Knives
  • Cupcakes

TIP: If you have leftover colours of buttercream from a previous bake, instead of wasting it, put it all together, add cocoa and you get a beautiful rich chocolate buttercream.

Getting set up

Pop the small round nozzle into a bag and add a little of the chocolate buttercream. Twist closed and set aside. 
Using the v-shaped leaf nozzles, load two more bags with the yellow and green buttercream. You’ll need more yellow than green since you’ll be doing at least two rows of petals.

Petals: You’ll be following an imaginary circle in the centre of the cupcake. Using the yellow buttercream, squeeze and pull towards the outside of the cupcake. Repeat all around the edge of your imaginary circle so you have petals that are broad at the base and thin at the top. Overlap them slightly as you go. Don’t worry if your circle ends up a little lopsided, you can always add more petals to even it out. Besides, not even nature is perfect. Now do the next row inside the one you’ve just finished, overlapping the first layer slightly. Make sure you leave a big enough space in the middle for a nice large centre.
Centres: Pipe little dots all the way around the centre, work from the outside inwards until the space is filled. 
Leaves: Like you would with the petal, you squeeze and pull, but shake your hand a little as you pull to create the leaf texture. Pipe leaves all the way around the edge, under the outside line of petals.
The finishing touches: Glitter, of course! Try to only sprinkle the petals. Chocolate sprinkles are great to add to the centres for extra texture and taste.

Have a delicious day!

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