Buttercream Flower Series Part 3 – Magnolias

In this instalment we’ll show you how to make a beautiful magnolia flower – the symbol of longevity. It’s a simple yet beautiful flower that doesn’t require any complicated techniques.

You will need:

  • Standard flower petal nozzle, two sizes
  • 2mm circle nozzle
  • M-shaped leaf nozzle
  • Green, brown and white buttercream (thick enough to hold its shape)
  • Cupcakes
  • Piping bags
  • Knives
  • Edible glitter

Getting set up:

Load your piping bags. Brown into the bag with the round nozzle, white into the petal bags, and green into the leaf bag.

Standard leaf nozzle
Standard Petal nozzle

Petals: Pick up your cupcake. Using the larger petal bag, follow an imaginary circle with the thick side of the nozzle down, squeeze and form a half circle. From the centre of that first half circle, make another half circle, and so on. Work smoothly and confidently. Both the hand with the piping bag and the hand holding the cupcake will move. Continue this until the first layer is complete. 
Then take the smaller nozzle and use the same technique in the centre of the ring of petals you’ve just completed. 
Centres: Take the brown icing and pipe a little ball in the centre, squeeze and pull upwards to create a stem. You’ll make three of these little stamens. 
Leaves: Always do the leaves last to fill in the gaps nicely. Starting under the lip of the outer petals, squeeze and pull with a slight shake of the hand to create your leaves. 
Finally, give it a sprinkle of glitter to add a touch of glamour.

TIP: Instead of practicing on cupcakes, cut a square of parchment or baking paper and stick it to your surface using a blob of buttercream.

If you want to decorate a cake with these flowers without having to ice directly onto the cake, pipe the flowers onto parchment paper in advance. Let them dry and harden for a day or two and then lift them off the paper and ond onto your cake with a spatula. 

Have a delicious day!

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