Buttercream Flower Series Part 4 – Carnations

There’s something so delightful about this beautiful buttercream flower, and once you’ve got the hang of this technique there’s really nothing to it. We’re just using one nozzle – the standard flower petal nozzle and the medium sized one is perfect for cupcakes.

You will need:

  • Standard flower petal nozzle
  • Red and pink buttercream (thick enough to hold its shape)
  • Knife
  • Cling wrap
  • Piping bag
  • Pearls and edible glitter

Getting set up:
These carnations will be mostly red with a pink frill along the edges of the petals. Spread a large amount of red buttercream onto a piece of cling wrap, then edge it with a little pink. Roll, twist the ends, snip one end off. Pop your nozzle into a piping bag and slide your buttercream sausage in with the lighter colour in line with the thinner edge of the nozzle. 
In this video, I’ll be piping into parchment square instead of cupcakes. Remember, this is a great way to practice your techniques without having to bake a batch of cupcakes each time.

Petals: There will be more than two rows of petals, so start right at the edge of the cupcake and work around a large imaginary circle. Put the thicker edge of your nozzle down first with the thinner side facing upwards. Using a similar technique to the magnolia, we’re going to follow the imaginary circle making half circles, but this time shaking the nozzle slightly as you turn. Then, starting at the centre of that first half circle, start a new half circle, shaking gently as you twist. Complete three layers and form the final petal in the centre by twisting slightly to finish it off. 

As always, add a touch of glamour with a tiny edible pearl in the centre, and glitter!

Have a delicious day!

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