Covid-friendly treats for school and parties…

Iced Sugar cookies
Chocolate coated cake pops

One of the best parts about having your birthday during the school term used to be bringing delicious treats for your classmates, and running around the playground hyped up on sugar at breaktime. While some parents may have started to opt for “healthier” options in recent years, 2020 dealt a far sadder blow to celebrating birthdays in general as little ones were stuck at home away from their friends.

But now that schools are largely open again, class and birthday parties can and must resume! Obviously with safety front of mind. That’s why we’ve come up with a plan so that your kiddos can still take yummy party treats to school for their friends, we want things to feel as normal as possible. Being able to celebrate our birthdays with friends, family and collogues is so important, especially for our little ones.
Our Covid-friendly treats come individually packaged and sealed. The added bonus is that if someone would rather they wait until they get home to enjoy their nibble, Mom isn’t going to discover a mangled cake pop squished all over said child’s books and pencil case in the bottom of their school bag later that day. 

Chocolate coated cakesickles
Cake Lollies

Treats that are perfect for school parties in particular, include iced vanilla sugar cookies, cake pops, Cake Lollies and cakesickles. We will also pop cupcakes into individual boxes if you arrange that specifically with us. As far as theme goes, let us know if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, or what the theme of your child’s party is going to be, and we’ll make sure the treats fit perfectly. Whether your little one is going through a Pokemon phase, is wild about jungle animals, or keen on partying like a superhero, we can make their dreams come true.

Our kitchen and collection processes stick to very strict safety protocols to ensure that both you and we are kept as safe as possible. The kitchen is kept clean and sanitized at all times. When collecting your orders, please remember to wear your mask and make use of the sanitiser provided at the door. Arrange your collection ahead of time so that we can ensure your order is ready and waiting in the entrance way so that collection is a quick and easy process for everyone. 

Go have a browse of all the party treats we offer and start planning your child’s school celebration today.
You can order directly through our website, it’s safe and simple.

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Have a delicious day!

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